Spring 2021

GOVT 3253 - Germany in Europe

Advanced undergraduate course, Cornell University

Since the end of the Cold War a reunited Germany has come to be the European continent’s foremost economic and political actor. While its head of government, chancellor Angela Merkel, has increasingly been portrayed as an alternative “leader of the free world”, the country is often seen as a rather “reluctant hegemon” by friends and competitors alike. This course introduces students to the German political system in its wider European context and discusses how contemporary German politics have shaped the country’s domestic organization and international stance. Given the country’s unique history, the course will anchor these discussions in its particular development shaped by factors such as World War II, the experience of communist dictatorship and reunification, as well as its increasing internationalization through European integration and international migration.

GOVT 62544000 - The End of Regionalism?

Graduate student/senior seminar, Cornell University

Regional organizations and integration mechanisms have been a regular feature of politics in many areas of the world. While the number of such organizations has steadily risen over time, today many of these are but empty shells offering little in the way of organizing regional politics. This seminar considers the phenomenal proliferation of regional organizations as well as subsequent developments in world politics which have contributed to their relative decline. In so doing, the seminar will discuss different types of regional integration mechanisms, consider specific ones’ such as the European Union, the African Union or Mercosur, and outline how these are challenged by political developments such as nationalism and the increasing globalization of economic relations.

Past Teaching

Cornell University

GOVT 3437 - Politics of the European Union

  • Advanced undergraduate course, Fall 2020

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Qualitative research methods in political science

  • Graduate reading seminar, summer term 2020, autumn term 201819

Parliaments in the European Union

  • Undergraduate seminar, summer term 2020, autumn term 201819

Applied Policy Analysis

  • Graduate seminar, autumn term 201920

The EU Policy Cycle

  • Graduate seminar, summer term 2019

The EU Governance System: Polity, Politics & Policy

  • Undergraduate lecture course, summer term 2019

European Security and Defence Policy

  • Graduate reading seminar, summer term 2018

Trump, Brexit, and Maduro: Populist challenges to the established economic order

  • Undergraduate seminar, summer term 2018

International Organisations in Europe

  • Undergraduate seminar, autumn term 201718

The Politics of Brexit

  • Graduate reading seminar, autumn term 201718

Undergraduate/Graduate thesis supervision

  • 2017-2020

Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris), France

International Organisations

  • Undergraduate lecture course, summer term 201819

The Politics of Brexit

  • Undergraduate lecture course, autumn term 201718

Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation)

Zukunftsperspektiven der EU nach dem Brexit (Scenarios for the future of the EU after Brexit)

  • Graduate seminar held during a summer university, August 2018

Vienna School of International Studies, Austria

Security, Defence and the European Union

  • Graduate reading seminar, autumn term 2016

Graduate thesis supervision

  • 20162017

Occasional trainings on EU policy-making

  • for Austrian & international civil servants, 2016 –

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom

What kind of Europe? Crisis, Reform and the International Role of the European Union

  • Combined Undergraduate/Graduate summer school course, seminar leader, summer 2015, 2016

Government, Politics and Public Policy in the European Union

  • Undergraduate course, seminar leader, academic sessions 201415, 201516

International Political Economy

  • Undergraduate course, seminar leader, autumn term 2016

Europe’s Institutional Order

  • Undergraduate course, seminar leader, academic sessions 201314, 201415

Politics and Institutions in Europe

  • Undergraduate course, seminar leader, academic session 201314